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The Benefits of the Top-Up Program


It removes the discrimination of not having a Bachelor's degree.


Receive equal salary with degree holders at your workplace.


Study and work at the same time. No need to lose your job because you want to study for a degree.


Study in the comfort of your home or office.

Recognized Degree

Receive globally recognized Bachelor's degree.

Accredited University

The top up degree is from an accredited university.

Affordable Fees

The top-up tuition fees are affordable and competitive.

Our Courses

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About Us

Eliaversity partners with Accredited Universities to offer their degree programs online. We also offer skills building short courses.

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Why Choose Us?

Eliaversity is 100% Online. Traditional Universities are brick and mortal with all the inconvenuences.
Application, Admission Processing, Examination, Transcript and Certificate are FREE. Traditional universities charge you for application form, admission processing, courses registration, exam, transcript and certificate.
Eliaversity lectures are self-paced and flexible. Traditional universities are fixed and stiff lecture schedules. Gives no room for you to work, make money and create values for the society.
  • Bachelor's Degree: $1,176 (We accept Naira and Cedis),
  • Masters Degree: $2,352 (We accept Naira and Cedis),
  • MBA: $2,800 (We accept Naira and Cedis),
  • Admission Processing Fee: $20 for Bachelor. $30 for Masters.
  • FAQ

    Frequently Answered Questions

    Eliaversity partners with accredited universities to offer their degree programs online.
    No. We are not a university. We are Online Programs Manager.
    All our degree programs are accredited and globally recognized.
    The degree is accredited and accepted in all countries across the world. All our Partner Universities are accredited.
    Yes we accept installments. Pay 60% first installment, 20% second installment and 20% third installment.
    Eliaversity is located beside West Hills Mall, Kasoa - Cape Coast Road, Accra, Ghana.
    • Call: +233543063435.
    • Email:

    Mission and Vision

    Our Mission

    To widen access to university education in Africa by leveraging technology and innovation.

    Our Vision

    To graduate 100, 000 World Changers by 2050, who will positively and radically transform their companies, organisations and communities.

    Fees and Payment Plans

    Our Fees

  • Bachelor's Degree: $1,176 (We accept Naira and Cedis).
  • Masters Degree: $2,352 (We accept Naira and Cedis).
  • MBA: $2,800 (We accept Naira and Cedis).
  • Admission Processing Fee: $20 for Bachelor. $30 for Masters.
  • Our Payment Plans

  • 100% full payment.
  • 60% first installment.
  • 20% second installment.
  • 20% third installment.
  • Take charge of your destiny today

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    Our Learning Model

    Simple Learning

    Login, watch videos, read and download course materials. Ask and answer questions in the discussion forum. Chat with Lecturers and fellow students. Video Call your Lecturers live from your dashboard. Take quizzes, do assignments and take online exam when you are ready.


    Your convenience is our concern. Continue learning from where you stopped. Pause and resume anytime. Move from one module to another at your own pace until you complete your program. Don’t drop out of the degree program because you can’t catch up with the learning timeline.


    Accredited and globally recognize yet affordable degree. Pay a flat rate for an academic year and take all the course modules of two semesters that make up the academic session at your pace. University education shouldn’t be too costly for the ordinary man.

    Our Assessment Model


    Term Papers


    Case Studies

    Project-based Learning

    Online Examinations

    Research Projects

    Join over 1300 students enrolled in our online programs.

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